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Cheryl Marie West (née Miller) is the matriarch of the West family, ex-wife of Wolf West and the mother of Jethro, Van, Pascalle and Loretta West. She married Wolf at a young age and built a family with him. He worked as a career criminal while she struggled as a housewife and managed The Galleria.

When Wolf was sentenced to four years in prison in 2006, Cheryl decided it was time for her family to go straight. After trying out different jobs, Cheryl ended up founding the knicker company Hoochie Mama.

Cheryl started an affair with police officer Wayne Judd, which was not well received by her friends and family, and eventually ended her marriage with Wolf. Cheryl struggled to keep her family on the straight and narrow while at the same time keeping her company afloat.

She expected a baby with Judd, but he was stillborn which put a strain on their relationship. Cheryl ended up in prison after stabbing detective Zane Gerard, but later changed her plea and was released.



Cheryl was the middle child of Dave and Trish Miller. Her sisters were Jeanette and Mandy.

Due to getting her sisters into trouble, Cheryl was sent to the boarding school Woodford House.

Cheryl left school when she was 16 to work in her parents' dairy.[1]

Meeting Wolf West (1982 –)[]

Cheryl's parents purchased Ivan's Dairy in West Auckland in the summer of 1982 after the previous owner died. Her mother ran the shop with help from Jeanette and Mandy while their father was away on business (later divulged as being in Prison for tax fraud).

Cheryl met Wolfgang West when he came to the dairy to get cigarettes for Rita. She told him smoking was bad for him and he responded "not as bad as I can be."[2] Cheryl recognised him as "the Wolf" – the bad boy her sister had been dating. They challenged each other flirtatiously and ended up having passionate sex on top of the freezer. Wolf then brought Cheryl to his home and introduced her to his mother Rita.

The two fell in love and Cheryl became pregnant shortly after, which Jeanette reckoned Cheryl did on purpose to keep Wolf.[3]


Cheryl and Wolf spreading Helena's ashes at age 16.

Their daughter Helena was due around Christmas, but stopped moving a couple of weeks before. Cheryl fell apart and pushed everyone away. She eventually turned to Jeanette for support, but Jeanette told Cheryl she deserved to lose her baby because she stole Wolf from her. Cheryl attacked Jeanette and Wolf had to pull her off her sister's throat. He packed her in the car and drove until they arrived at Tutaekuri Bay, where they scattered Helena's ashes at the beach and slept in the back of Wolf's car.[3]

About nine months later, Jethro and Van were born, and they returned to Tutaekuri Bay the following year as a family.[3]

Cheryl married Wolf at the age of 17 and moved into the West House, which was later gifted to them by Wolf's parents Ted and Rita, with whom Cheryl did not get along.[source?]

They went on to have daughters named Pascalle and Loretta. Cheryl got used to her family getting in trouble and Wolf got sentenced to several small amounts of time in jail. Cheryl eventually took up a job at The Galleria alongside Wolf's friend Eric.

Going straight (2005)[]

OF 1x01 Cheryl confronting Wolf

Cheryl talking to Wolf, realising her family needs to change.

In 2005, on the same day that Jethro was graduating university, Wolf went to trial for burglary charges and was sentenced to four years of prison time. On the same day, the police came to the house asking for Van, suspecting his involvement in a home invasion at the Hong's.

Cheryl discovered that Pascalle had been posing nude to advance her modelling career and Loretta had been regularly skipping classes, while Ted burnt down his unit and had to move back into their house.

Cheryl discovered that Wolf had encouraged Van to deal in drugs and confronted her husband, but he brushed her off saying this wasn't her side of the business because she wasn't strong enough and didn't have the balls, and told her "you go where the money is, or you get out." Taking his words to heart, an emotional Cheryl gathered the family to inform them that they were out of the crime business and going straight from now on.[4]

Cheryl quit her job at The Galleria and made arrangements for her kids to go to school or find employment, while she herself found a "real" job as a checkout chick at BigFoods supermarket. As a consequence of her decision the family struggled financially, having to live off mince with the power cut off. Wolf offered Cheryl $2000, but she was too proud to accept, knowing it was dirty money.

Outrageous Fortune 1x02 – Cheryl arrested at BigFoods

Cheryl is fired and arrested for $500 missing from her cash drawer.

She came into conflict with her manager Noel Greenwood as he sexually harassed some of the female employees and he called her a "stirrer." To make a stand, Cheryl took a roll of toilet paper for the female toilets. As a result, she was framed and accused of taking $500 from her cash drawer, fired and arrested.

Later, a truckload of toilet paper was stolen from BigFoods, and everyone assumed it was Cheryl's work. In addition to this, her workmates went on strike to support her. To clean up the situation, Cheryl took Wolf's $2000 and offered it to anyone with information about the stolen toilet paper. She was led to Mr Hong, who informed her that it was stolen by Oscar Fusilama, the nephew of one of her workmates.[5]

Allen Markham, an old friend of the family, offered Cheryl a job as office manager at his business Markham Auto Imports which doubled her pay and she immediately quit her job at BigFoods. Simultaneously, Cheryl discovered that Pascalle was working as a waitress at a strip club which she initially protested against, but became more accepting when Pascalle contributed with money.

Wolf was jealous of Cheryl's new position, knowing Allen's inability to keep his dick in his pants. Cheryl accepted dinner with Allen as she was angry with Wolf, but turned down his advances. He was arrested for dialing back the odometers on his cars and having a sideline of stolen Subarus and Cheryl lost her job. As revealed by DS Wayne Judd, Wolf had informed on Allen and Cheryl went to confront him, disappointed that he had no trust or faith in her. She told him she didn't want to see him for a while.[6]

When Eric's son Billy died, Wolf returned home for a day to attend his funeral and wake. Cheryl tried to keep him at bay, but he charmed his way in and they ended up having frantic sex on the vanity unit in the bathroom. The wake turned into a regular West family party, where Wolf and Cheryl danced without a worry in the world. Before he left, Cheryl tried to talk with Wolf about things having to change when he got out, but he said he wouldn't change. Cheryl confided in Jethro that if she wanted to lead her life the way she wanted, she couldn't be with Wolf any more. It was better if he stayed in prison, so she told Jethro to not do Wolf's appeal or give his lawyer, Corky any money.[7]

Cheryl then got a job as a junk mail deliverer, but it didn't last very long as she got frustrated.[8] Cheryl visited Wolf on their 20th wedding anniversary and upon returning home, was disgusted to find that Constable Hickey had been stalking Pascalle. This lead Cheryl to find out that Pascalle was a stripper.[9]

Hoochie Mama (2005 –)[]

Cheryl was delighted when Jethro was admitted to the bar.[10] She got even more good news when she got a job at an insurance firm. Cheryl was appalled when she got a claim from best friend Kasey which was clearly false. She confronted Kasey who was starting a knicker company. When Cheryl learnt that the whole insurance company was corrupt, she was fired and joined the knicker company with Kasey; Rochelle also joined the business.[11]

Cheryl got into a fight with Mrs. Doslic at the supermarket after Van accused Mr. Doslic of stealing goods he delivered to The Lucky Dollar Store.[12] Later, Cheryl was annoyed when Kasey gave all the money meant for Hoochie Mama to her dropkick boyfriend Murray. Murray invested it on a drug deal, but was busted by the cops. Judd, feeling sorry for Cheryl, returned her money.[13]

When criminals started accusing Cheryl of narking on the drug dealer, Luther Wallace, Cheryl had to stay at a motel to be safe. She was followed by Judd, who after a few drinks, admitted his love for Cheryl and that he was proud she had stayed on the straight and narrow.[14]

It was later discovered that Detective Sergeant Judd had framed Wolfgang.[15]

Affair with Judd (2006)[]

Cheryl is annoyed when Wolf gets in her way and insults her with his new home detention. She does not believe Draska is pregnant with Van's baby and she and Munter find out Draska is using Corrina Balanis urine for the pregnancy tests. Jethro's girlfriend Tracy Hong joins Hoochie Mama; at a launch party held at The Rusty Nail where Van sees Aurora Bay, the girlfriend he had at 16. Cheryl is annoyed when a man named Malcolm Canning rips his scrotum while wearing Hoochie Mama underwear. She gives him a special made pair of men's Hoochie Mama undies. A huge business offers to buy Hoochie Mama, but Cheryl weighs in the pros and cons and decides to turn it down. She later regrets it and stays at a hotel, where Judd shows up with a bottle of wine.

Cheryl is disgusted when she learns Wolf is planning a job and he plans to use Van. Van plans a rescue of Aurora from the bike gang Wolf is doing the job on. Cheryl tells Judd she does not love Wolf anymore and Judd tells Wolf to leave or he will get him arrested for the job. Wolf leaves and Cheryl is shocked to learn Judd did this. Cheryl is also shocked to learn that she and Judd are the main suspects in his disappearance. She visits Judd and is scared to find out that he is an avid hunter and has many guns. Cheryl gets it over it though and starts to sleep at Judd's most nights. Judd eventually moves into the West House.

Cheryl is annoyed when a box full of Hoochie Mama underwear is stolen. It eventually turns out to be Eric's doing. When Jethro learns of Cheryl's affair with Judd, they get into a heated argument and Jethro slaps Cheryl across the face. Jethro reveals he only became a lawyer so he could become better at breaking the rules. Cheryl later gets frustrated at Ted's constant craziness and sends him off to The Janet Frame Rest Home. In Teds belongings, the Wests find Wolf's will and Cheryl is shocked to find that Wolf had an affair with Sparky's sister, Anne-Marie Gibbs and had a son called Brandon. Cheryl is shocked when she witnesses a film apparently made by Loretta (but really by Jools) hinting Loretta was molested as a child. Cheryl later gets kidnapped by Wolf who insists they move to Australia together, but Cheryl tells him she has moved on and no longer loves him. He then leaves after trying to kiss her. Cheryl then witnesses Judd get arrested by Grisham as Wolf framed him in retaliation for the job Wolf did on the gangs.

Cheryl is looking forward to travelling to Tutaekuri Bay with her new love Judd. But is angry that he cant be released from jail in time. She is even more annoyed when her older sister, Jeanette shows up. At the bay, the family notices Cheryl is not behaving how she should and is missing Judd deeply. She reveals to Pascalle how many years ago Jeanette told Cheryl that Helena deserved to die, as Cheryl stole Wolf from Jeanette. Cheryl later makes up with Jeanette and is very pleased to find Judd at the annual camp fire.

Business with Gary Savage (2007)[]

Cheryl is pleased to have Judd back at home, but is annoyed when the police raid the house, lead by Monica Judd (Judd's ex wife), attempting to put Judd back in jail. Cheryl is even more annoyed when she arrives at Hoochie Mama to find Monica already there and arresting her workers for immigration reasons. Cheryl visits The Galleria to find Falani, who reveals Eric has run away and Wolf has given him the rights to the shop. Cheryl considers taking a loan from Falani but declines later on. On a visit to The Rusty Nail, Judd is accused of pushing Monica and he is taken back to jail for assault while on parole. Cheryl is shocked to learn Judd has been beaten up in prison and is disgusted to learn that Ted has been sending drugs and other incriminating things to him in cakes. Cheryl kicks him out of the house. Cheryl is devastated when Aurora dies and comforts Van. She tries to attend her funeral but Aurora's mother will not allow it. When she learns how useless Judd's lawyer is, she visits Jethro, only to find a handsome man sitting in his office, Gary Savage. Later, the Wests give Aurora her own wake in their backyard and Gary offers her a loan for Judd and any help she may need. Cheryl declines but thinks about what a nice man he is. Gary later renews the offer when Cheryl meets Judd's new QC lawyer Des Stewart. Des suggests gunning for Monica and they set about finding evidence against her. With that, Cheryl finds out that Judd cheated on Monica with another career criminal's wife. She is shocked, but Judd confesses she is dead. Cheryl takes up the offer from Gary. Judd is released on bail and Cheryl and Judd settle their differences. Des informs Cheryl that she will need to find Sparky as a witness to prove Judd was not in the gang job. Cheryl and Loretta find Sparky in the woods and coach him what to say. Hickey (who is in charge of the case) is annoyed and Judd is found not guilty. Cheryl is shocked when Sparky announces that Loretta is pregnant and Cheryl forces her not to have an abortion. Judd gets very angry when he learns Cheryl has paid for Des' bill and even more angry when he learns the money was a loan from Gary. When Jethro gets on Gary's bad side for dating his ex-wife, Danielle, Gary decides to get back at the Wests by revoking the loan he gave Cheryl. She has 30 days to pay back $120,000. Desperate to pay the money, Cheryl gets banker, Lloyd Draper to take a mortgage out on her house. But she is devastated when it turns out she needs Wolf's signature as well. She goes to prison to get it, only to find he has been released months before. She visits Gary who offers to forget about the loan if Cheryl gives him shares in Hoochie Mama. When Cheryl learns that Rita buried a lot of money at his old house in Aztec Road, she spends the whole day digging up the backyard only to find nothing. Jethro visits Gary and sells him Isengard in exchange for forgetting about the loan to Cheryl. Cheryl is pleased that she finally has this burden off her shoulders. Once again, Gary offers to buy into Hoochie Mama, and Cheryl agrees. Gary's new ideas for the company include a range for men and money laundering plans. Cheryl is not pleased but Gary insists they will earn a lot more money from it. Judd is disappointed in Cheryl for going into business with Gary. Annoyed at Cheryl, Judd announces he is moving out. Cheryl is appointed as bridesmaid for Kasey at her wedding to Munter. She is shocked to see Wolf at the wedding and to find he has a new girlfriend, named Sheree. Munter informs Cheryl that Loretta is having her baby and Cheryl runs home. She finds the newborn baby in Van's arms. Later at the reception, Cheryl tells Wolf she wants a divorce. She walks into the basement to find that Wolf and Gary have been talking and that Wolf is happy they are all back together with Gary, who turns out to be Wolfs half brother.

Wolf's return (2008)[]

Season Four begins with Cheryl holding Loretta hostage in her bedroom as she fears that Loretta is going to sell her newborn baby to strangers. Cheryl eventually convinces Loretta to let her adopt the baby from her as long as Loretta gets to choose the name. Loretta calls the baby Jane. Wolf reveals to Cheryl that Gary Savage and ditched the country and sold his shares to Wolf. Meanwhile, Cheryl and Wolf start their divorce and Cheryl is horrified to learn that Wolf will get half of her house and business. But Jethro reveals to her that Wolf and Sheree are house-hunting and she will get half of their house. Cheryl accidentally lets this slip to Wolf. Cheryl is annoyed to find a huge locked container bought by Wolf under Hoochie Mamas name outside Hoochie Mama. Cheryl gets annoyed and Wolf tells her to leave it. Eventually Jethro steals it. It turns out to belong to Sheree's brother, Nicky. Nicky sends thugs after Jethro who has to go into hiding. Cheryl gets angry at Wolf over this and even more so when he hires Sheree without Cheryl's permission as a new worker at Hoochie Mama. Judd asks Cheryl out on a date, but when he asks Cheryl for an apology, she refuses. He later has a drink with Zoe and Cheryl sees, they end up sleeping together but no chemistry is sparked. Associating with Gary and his money laundering comes back to haunt Cheryl when Candy from the IRD comes to check the tax books. After sleeping with Kasey, Candy gives it the all clear much to Cheryl's relief. Cheryl starts to grow attached to Wolf. She goes out for drinks but gets annoyed at Sheree and goes to pick up Jane from Jethro's house. She finds Wolf and the two have some drinks and share old memories. But Loretta and Jethro, sick of Wolfs meddling, frame him for a huge bank robbery and he is sent to jail. Cheryl gets angry at Wolf who tells her the truth and in retaliation she kicks Loretta out of the house and tells her she is dead to her. Cheryl tries to counsel Sheree through the situation, but gets frustrated of her and fires her. But Jethro sells his house and Sheree is out on the streets. Pascalle invites her into the West House as she is pregnant, perhaps with Wolf's baby. Cheryl meets Bernadette Peters at the market, who is shocked to learn that her brother, Hayden, is Jane's father. She forces Hayden to return to New Zealand and help with the baby. The Peters talk Cheryl into baptizing Jane. Cheryl is shocked to learn that she is pregnant and keeps it from the family, but Pascalle finds out and is surprised that Cheryl hasn't told Judd yet. Cheryl breaks into Judd's house to make sure he is alright when the police go after him. They talk and admit their love for each other and the two get back together. Loretta helps in the release of Wolf and denies any involvement to Cheryl in his arrest, and Cheryl starts to believe her. Wolf gets released and tells Cheryl he has broken up with Sheree and that they should get back together. Cheryl says she has moved on and she finally tells Judd she is pregnant. Judd is over the moon. Cheryl is pleased to have Jethro back but is scared when he gets beaten. She suspects something though when Wolf happens to arrive in time to save him. Cheryl is shocked as the season finishes on Pascalle announcing her engagement to Nicky Greegan.

Pregnancy (2009)[]

Season 5 detailed Cheryl living with Judd and coping with another pregnancy. It also showed Cheryl trying to save her company, "Hoochie Mama" from going down the drain. Cheryl promoted Van's scheming and manipulative girlfriend, Sheree, to General Manager early in the season. Cheryl had been putting too much stress on the baby and she started bleeding from inside. She had to sit down for weeks. Cheryl handed management of Hoochie over to oldest son, Jethro who then fired Sheree and slowly started to turn Hoochie successful, unfortunately he did this by exploiting young girls.

After Sheree attempted to murder Van and revealed he was a nark to several dodgy people, he went to stay with Ray Judd, Wayne's father. Cheryl got on well with Ray and invited seventeen-year-old Deleesha, Wayne's half-sister stay at the West house. But she eventually moved in with boyfriend, Isaac Anesi.

Towards the end of season 5, Cheryl gave birth prematurely and tragically, the baby was stillborn. Unable to deal with the loss, Cheryl went to Tutaekuri Bay, without a word to the family. Wolf reappeared at the bay and eventually the audience learned that Wolf's return was just a hallucination, triggered by the traumatic memories of the death of their first baby, daughter Helena. We then flashback to Wolf and Cheryl's trip to the bay at age 16, to spread Helena's ashes. Cheryl returned for the funeral of the baby, now named Tama, but it seems something has now changed between her and Judd, after the baby's death.

Cheryl refused to give up custody of Jane, Loretta's daughter, unless Loretta married Hayden, which she eventually did. At the wedding reception, Detective Zane Gerard, under false circumstances arrived and attempted to arrest Pascalle. A huge fight ensued, but Gerard snuck out pulling Pascalle along with him. Cheryl noticed and followed with a wine bottle. Cheryl yelled at Gerard telling him to let Pascalle go, but he refused to listen. Cheryl annoyed and scared swung the bottle into his head causing it to break. Pascalle carried on to knee him in the testicles. But Gerard continued and Cheryl lunged at him with the broken bottle, cutting him in the neck very badly. As he fell, Gerard fired 3 shots from his gun towards the shocked Cheryl and Pascalle.

Legal case and imprisonment (2010)[]

All the shots fired miss and hit Pascalle. Pascalle is taken to hospital while Cheryl is taken to the police station. Gerard is in critical condition at the hospital. Cheryl is charged with assault and taken back home. But then her lawyer calls and the police arrive, Gerard has died and Cheryls charge has changed from assault to murder. At her trial, Cheryl pleads guilty much to the shock of her family. The next episode, Judd tells her he is thinking of leaving. For her love of Judd, Cheryl decides to changer her plea. When Judd visits Cheryl she tells him of Scary Mary who is bullying Debz. Later Cheryl sees Scary Mary steal Debz ketchup and Cheryl starts a fight which lands her infront of prison warden Andrea. Later Cheryl find out Debz has been framed by her boyfriend that is shagging Scary Marys cousin. Cheryl tells Debz the truth which some help from Pascalle which results in another fight. But Debz, Cheryl and Scary Mary become friends. When Cheryl puts on a Hoochie Mama show for the prisoners boyfriends and partners in the visiting room, she is taken away to Christchurch Womens' prison, away from her family. Cheryl continues to talk over the phone and Wolf makes contact with her. She is infuriated when she learns Loretta is running a brothel. Cheryl is delighted when she gets transported back up to Auckland. Though is dismayed when she finds that Draska is at the prison. She starts selling marijuana to annoy Draska but it ends badly when Debz, high, stabs Draska in the face and is taken to a bigger prison. Andrea finds out about the dealing and tries to make Draska or Cheryl nark by putting them in the same cell. They refuse to nark and strike up a friendship. Judd arrives to the visiting room and reveals he cheated on Cheryl with Pascalle. Cheryl gets very angry and starts to cry to which she is comforted by Draska. Cheryl is sad and angry and Draska suggests getting the Doslics to beat Judd, Cheryl initially turns it down. But Cheryl decides to go through with the hit, and Judd is severely beaten. Cheryl manages to talk to Pascalle and Pascalle visits Cheryl in prison. Cheryl hits Pascalle. Loretta later tells Cheryl to sort her stuff out as her trial is coming up. Steven Brownlow gives Judd files on Gerard which Judd gives to Jethro. Bailey takes the files to the police who decide to drop the charges. Cheryl is a free woman. Cheryl does not see any sign of either Pascalle or Judd, but when she sees Pascalle, she is delighted to hear that her and Judd are not seeing each other. Cheryl confronts Van about going to Russia to find Elena, only to run into Judd. The two argue and Cheryl leaves. She later invites Pascalle for dinner then forces her into a job at Hoochie. Pascalle announces she is leaving with Judd and Cheryl gets very angry at her daughter, kicking her out of the house. Cheryl arranges to meet Judd at The Boatyard and they officially end their relationship and part on good terms. At Van and Elena's wedding, Cheryl says goodbye to Pascalle but can not bring herself to tell her shes loves her. Judd and Pascalle leave forever and Cheryl attends to Baby Jane.

While trying to help Jane sleep, Loretta confronts Cheryl. She thanks her for making the family go straight and says how much it helped their family. Cheryl is brought to tears. She goes to the living room where she sees her family and realises just how much they have changed from the petty criminals they once were. She has a smoke and thinks to the last 6 years and to the future.


Cheryl West was a fiercely protective mother who would do anything for the well being of her children and went to great lengths to protect them from harm's way or imprisonment.

When setting her mind to something, Cheryl was passionate and determined. She could be stubborn and bossy when she knew she was right, and could quickly get aggressive if her stance was threatened.


Wayne Judd[]


Judd and Cheryl share a word


Cheryl greets her love

In Season One of Outrageous Fortune, Cheryl and Judd did not get on at all. They would often make sarcastic comments to each other as they were both sick of seeing each other for all the wrong reasons. When the Wests went straight, Judd spitefully told Cheryl that he did not believe she could do it. When Judd sees that Cheryl is actually doing what she said, he grows attracted to her. The two start an affair but it goes nowhere. In Season Two the relationship re-sparks and when Wolf leaves, Judd moves in. The two find that they do actually love each other deeply and soon the rest of the Wests start to like Judd and consider him a father figure. Cheryl and Judd begin to find out that they need each other to keep on functioning. In Season Three they break up when Cheryl spends too much time with Gary Savage but they start dating again in Season Four. In this season they find out that Cheryl is pregnant with Judd's baby and their relationship seems stronger than ever. But in Season Five Tama Judd is stillborn. The two grow apart emotionally as they cope with the loss in different ways. When Cheryl murders Gerard, Judd loses all faith in the women he loved, as she seems to have reverted to the criminal lifestyle but Cheryl promises to plead not guilty to continue dating her love. While in prison, Judd and Pascalle develop feelings for each other and Judd starts an affair with Pascalle. He later feels guilty and tells Cheryl. They break up and Cheryl is left devastated. Cheryl can not bring herself to see Judd, but they accidentally run into each other at Van's House. Cheryl later meets up with Judd and they officially break up on good terms. As Judd leaves West Auckland forever with Pascalle, he and Cheryl share a meaningful look at each other and he leaves, never forgiven by Cheryl, but understood.

Wolfgang West[]


Cheryl imagines Wolf hugging her


Cheryl and Wolf at Loretta's 16th birthday

Cheryl first meets Wolf after her older sister Jeanette is dumped by him. Wolf was clearly more attracted to Cheryl though. Cheryl got pregnant with Wolf's baby at age 16. Helena West was stillborn though. The sadness brought the couple closer together and they married within a year. Cheryl and Wolf had several more children - twins Jethro and Van, and daughters Pascalle and Loretta. Cheryl loved Wolf deeply, and in Season One she does not know how to cope when he is sentenced to four years in prison. As the series progresses, Cheryl learns just how possessive Wolf is when he makes several attempts to swerve her away from the straight and narrow. Cheryl is less than delighted when Wolf is given home detention. In Season Two with Wolf more and more in the house, Cheryl finds him more irritating. When she learns he is doing a huge job and has a secret family with Anne-Marie Gibbs, Cheryl breaks it off with him and reveals her affair with policeman Wayne Judd. Wolf can not believe it and beats Judd and frames him for a serious crime which imprisons him. Wolf takes Cheryl out to an abandoned wharf and tells Cheryl that they can start new and to give him another chance. Cheryl tells him it is over and she has moved on. Wolf cries and leaves. When Wolf re enters Cheryls life in Season Three, Cheryl demands a divorce. But as Season Four progresses, Cheryl starts to see the kind loving side of Wolf she fell in love with not the new brutal type. But Loretta frames him for a bank robbery and Cheryl can not see him. When he returns, he is back to being his dangerous self and Cheryl speaks her disgust. Wolf then leaves West Auckland for greener pastures with only Loretta knowing where he is. In Season Five when Cheryl loses her baby Tama Judd, she returns to Tutaekuri Bay and imagines Wolf. Her and Wolf set about doing several criminal activities before he disappears. This may indicate Cheryl is still in love with Wolf. Cheryl then sees a flashback of her and Wolf at age 16 spreading Helena's ashes.

Jethro West[]


Cheryl and Jethro at Ted and Ngaire's wedding.


Cheryl and Jethro on the day of his legal barring.

In Season One, Cheryl was initially very proud of her oldest twin, as it seemed he was the one West who had moral high ground, was smart and could maintain a job. As the season progressed, Cheryl grew even more proud of her son and went to him for help several times. But in Season Two, Jethro showed disgust at Cheryl dumping Wolf and dating a policeman (Judd). He then told Cheryl that he only became a lawyer to be better at breaking the rules. This hurt Cheryl very deeply and another strike was given to their relationship when Jethro hit Cheryl. In Season Three, Cheryl still loved her son but considered him to be growing up to be like Wolf. She stayed clear of him and he only occasionally talked to her, still disgusted at her relationship with Judd. But soon, they mended things. Jethro tried to lower the loan Cheryl took from Gary Savage as he knew Gary was bad news and he would screw Cheryl over. In Season Four, Jethro had to skip the country as several men hired by Nicky Greegan were after him. Cheryl took very badly to this, disgusted that someone could do this to her son. When she learnt what he did (apparently steal steroids, though in reality he was taking the blame from Van) she was not happy to see him back. But when he got severely beaten, she showed a lot of sympathy and helped nurse him better. In Season Five, Cheryl allowed Jethro to take over some of her Hoochie Mama business which gave Jethro creative right. He saw that the business was failing so he changed the market to teenagers and made the underwear a lot sluttier, which was something Cheryl did not agree with. She tried to get the company back from him, but after the death of Tama Judd, she gave up trying and handed the rights to the company over to him. In Season Six, Jethro convinces his girlfriend who is Cheryl's lawyer, Bailey to bring up files to the police involving Gerard. This results in Cheryl getting off the charge. In the final episode Jethro's fixation with his mother is emulated when he has sex with Bailey on Cheryl's bed.

Van West[]


Cheryl and Van at Auroras wake.

Van and cheryl

Van and Cheryl clean out Teds caravan.

Cheryl often treats Van like a child as his brain capacity was stunted when he was locked in a freezer as a child. Cheryl loves Van deeply and will do anything to make sure he keeps out of trouble. In Season One, Van has trouble adjusting to the new rules and Cheryl gets very angry at him when he robs the Hong's house and leaves his balaclava behind. When Van gets involved with Draska, Cheryl tries very hard to break them up and succeeds with Wolfs help at the twos wedding. In Season Two, Cheryl helps expose Draska's pregnancy as fake to make sure Van does not get back together with her. Cheryl also helps Van see Aurora as she is in a gang and her boyfriend Tyson wont let her out. In Season Three, after Aurora's tragic death, Cheryl is very kind to Van and lets him do anything such as drink beer in the morning. But after a while, Cheryl tries to help Van get out of his depression by making him go out and do things. At the end of Season Four, Cheryl shows disgust at Van dating Wolf's ex Sheree Greegan. She shows even more disgust when Sheree announces she is pregnant to Van. In Season Five, Cheryl comforts Van after he loses his babies and Sheree attempts to kill him. She encourages him to move out and gets annoyed when he starts sleeping in the bath. The two bond when Tama Judd passes away and Van shows a lot of sympathy. Van is happy when Cheryl murders Zane Gerard as he did not approve of him. Cheryl is pleased with Van's choice of Elena as wife and is happy when Van weds. She is also joyous that Van has found happiness finally.

Pascalle West[]

Loretta West[]

Behind the scenes[]

Casting and portrayal[]

During promotion of the third series of Westside, it was heavily teased that Cheryl would appear in the season, but who was cast for the role was kept a secret. On the Saturday prior to the character's debut in episode four, the New Zealand Herald revealed that Australian actress Ashleigh Cummings had landed the role.

Antonia Prebble, who portrays Rita, was the one who suggested Cummings should audition for the role when they were working on the movie Pork Pie together and she landed the role pretty late in the audition process. The Australian Cummings did not have much prior knowledge about Outrageous Fortune and its importance in Kiwi culture. She did a lot of research about the character and initially tried to embody what Robyn Malcolm had done before her, but producer Mark Beesley told her to "loosen up" and encouraged her to see Cheryl as "this beautiful, playful, light energy."[16]

Awards and Nominations[]

Air New Zealand Screen Directors Guild Awards

Best Actress 2007 - Won

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Best Actress 2005 - Won

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Best Actress 2008 - Won

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