Evan Lace was the head of the Lace Corporation. He was married to Belinda Lace while building his fortune, but eventually dumped her in favor of Joanne, causing Belinda to stab him.

Evan took on Wolf West as an assistant for handling the criminal aspects of his job. Eventually, he had much of his fortune stolen and Joanne left him.

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Evan was married to Belinda Lace. He built his fortune through trial and error, losing everything they had over and over again. When he finally made it, Evan dumped Belinda in favor of a younger woman named Joanne. She retaliated by stabbing him five times, but he survived.

Business with Wolf West Edit

Westside 3x01 Evan Handing Wolf Cash

Evan paid Wolf when a neighbour moved out.

Wolf moved out of his family home and Evan set him up in a new house. Evan made Wolf and his friends party and wreak havoc so the neighbours in the street would be forced to sell their houses and Evan could buy them for a low price. Wolf received a small cut from the sales.[1]

When his ex-wife was released from prison, Evan was informed by his lawyers and became stressed out. On the same day, he paid a visit to Wolf's flat to celebrate that another neighbour had moved out. While taking cocaine, he connected some dots and realized that Wolf and his friends were the ones who had ripped him off and taken all his belongings, and that Wolf's mother, Rita was behind it all.

Evan contacted Darijo Doslic so he and his associates would kidnap Eric, Falani and Sparky, while Evan confronted Wolf. He threatened to bury his friends alive unless Wolf brought Rita to see him. Wolf revealed that Joanne had taken the bearer bonds and escaped to America. Evan realized that Wolf had been fucking Joanne behind his back and thus, labelled him a traitor. Rita eventually agreed to come see him and Evan told her he was impressed with her work and offered her a job. However, Belinda had followed them to Evan's house and she stabbed him several times in the throat, causing Evan to fall bleeding in the pool and die.[2]

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