Timeline of events from Westside and Outrageous Fortune, involving the West family and their acquaintances. The timeline has been divided into sub-pages to maintain order.

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The only canonical dates are those explicitly referred to on Outrageous Fortune and Westside or provided by the writers and crew, and these mostly provide only the year and sometimes the month. Therefore, many of the dates on this page are conjecture based on real life events, counting days from given dates and so on.

1900s Edit

1939 Edit


  • Ted's little sister is crushed by a coal truck, got knocked up to and married an Irish poofter.[2]

1961 Edit

  • Ted West marries Rita.[3][4] They are together for about 40 years before she dies of illness.

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1970s Edit

1970 Edit

1971 Edit

  • March: Bert Thompson is released from prison.[5]
  • Rita moves up North with Wolf to conceal her pregnancy resulting from an affair with teenage neighbour Vern Gardiner. She gives birth to a boy and gives him up for adoption before moving back to West Auckland.[5]

1971 - 1973 Edit

1974 Edit

January Edit

  • January 26: Detective Sergeant Mike McCarthy questions Ted about the television robbery. Vern tries to impress Rita with a large stash of marijuana and asks her to run away with him.[5][7]
  • Between January 27 and February 1: Ted announces his decision to depart from his crew.[5]

February Edit

  • February 2: Ted steals money from the safe at the tavern while everyone is watching the final race of the Commonwealth Games. The police arrest Vern for posession of a large amount of marijuana, after Rita called them on him.[5][8]
  • Ted, Rita and Wolf move into their new house.[5]
  • Rita buries her share of krugerrands under a tree she plants in the garden.[5]
  • Ted teams up with his old crew again, and shares the profits from his solo job.[5]

1975 Edit

November Edit

  • November 23: Wolf pulls out a tree in the Doslic family's garden, starting a short feud between the families. Ted and the gang arrive home after their road trip, robbing a jeweller in Hamilton on the way.[9][10]
  • November 27: Rita takes Ngaire and Carol shopping, and they find Ngaire's necklace in Nugent's World of Goods. Ted and the gang, plus Darijo, perform the "Martha" job, where they steal a safe from a mine, which Ted cracks open afterwards.[9][10]
  • November 28: The Doslics kidnap Ted, and Dafna demands he gives them all the money from the "Martha" job, as reparations for the shame for involving her brother Darijo in crime. Rita takes Dafna's daughter Maria hostage, and trades her for Ted.[9][10]
  • November 29: The New Zealand general election. Ted votes Labour, and Rita votes National. Labour wins the Henderson electorate, while National wins the government. Rita takes over Nugent's World of Goods from Rod Nugent.[9]

1979 Edit

  • Events of "But for a Wayward Son."
  • Wolf West shoots The Horsemen member Cannonball after a confrontation in The Galleria.
  • Rita takes the blame for the shooting and is sent to prison.

1980s Edit

1980 Edit

  • Rita West gets acquainted with Belinda Lace in prison after Belinda tries to kill herself. They plot to take down her ex-husband Evan Lace.[11]
  • The Wests are in conflict with The Horsemen. Phineas beats up a gang member. The Horsemen shoot at the West house.[12]
  • Wolf becomes a prospect for The Horsemen to maintain a truce with his family.[12]

1981 Edit

  • Rita West is released from prison for good behavior after twelve months.[12][13]

July Edit

  • Saturday July 11: Rita goes to see Des McEwen, and Des gives Ted a job. They, along with Lefty and Ngaire, go to a flash party in Parnell, where Rita is introduced to Evan Lace and Ted plants papers in a safe. Bert and Falani are arrested by Terry, a racist cop.[11]
  • Sunday July 12: Des McEwen's client is arrested. Ted retrieves his fee from the job and gets a new job to steal money from South African supporters coming for the Springbok tour. Mike McCarthy releases Bert and Falani in exchange for Bert getting involved with the protesters against the Springbok tour. Rita sends Wolf to work for Evan Lace.[11]
  • July 13 - July 24: Events of Westside Series 2 Episode 3.[14]
  • Ted's gang go to Gisborne to steal from South African supporters, but find nothing.[14]
  • Chelsea Munroe is attacked by a pervert in the park. The wives join Neighbourhood Watch. The Wests co-operate with the police and catch the pervert.[14]
  • Events of Westside Series 2 Episode 4.[15]
  • Saturday July 25: Bert and Falani go to the South Africa v Waikato game in Hamilton, where they end up a part of the protesters.[15]
  • July 26 - : Events of Westside Series 2 Episode 5.[3]
  • Wednesday July 29: Rita, Ngaire and Carol watch Princess Diana and Charles' wedding.[3]


  • Cheryl West's first pregnancy ends in stillborn. Wolf takes her to Tutuakuri Bay to get over the loss.

1989/1990 Edit


  • Jethro is 15: Jethro has sex with his school teacher, Caroline, and Loretta photographs it, later using it as blackmail. Happened 'years' before Day 0.
  • Jethro applies for a job at Trapman & Stierson Law.

2005 Edit

  • Day -1: Van and Munter rob the Hong family residence, landing an old lady in hospital with a broken hip and giving Van a black eye.[16]
  • Day 0: Wolf is sentenced to four years in jail with a minimum non-parole period of 3. Jethro is capped. Because of Wolf's imprisonment, Cheryl decides her family are going straight, and forbids her family from committing any more illegal activities. She also tells Loretta to go to school, Pascalle that she must take the first job WINZ offer her, and Van that he now works for the Hongs.[16]

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