West Family 1

The West Family in Season One
From L-R: Jethro, Loretta, Van, Wolf, Cheryl, and Pascalle West.

The West Family is the main family of characters in the TV series Outrageous Fortune. The series follows the family and dodgey associates on their path to redemption after a life of being career criminals.

The West family membersEdit

  • Ted West - The oldest surviving member of the West family.
  • Wolf West - The father of the West kids and main antagonist of the show. Son of Rita and either Ted or Vern.
  • Jethro West - Older of the twins by minutes. Son of Wolf and Cheryl.
  • Van West - Younger of the twins and less intellectual. Son of Wolf and Cheryl.
  • Pascalle West - Daughter of Wolf and Cheryl.
  • Loretta West - The youngest child of Wolf and Cheryl.
  • Jane West - The daughter of Loretta and Hayden.

Spouses of the WestsEdit

The West Family